Trying to bring along your youngsters for a hike or a stroll may prove to be challenging. Here are some tips on making your outdoor stroll a better experience for kids. First, let the kids bask in the beauty of nature a little bit more. You can do this by providing them with a check-list on what to look out for. You could put anything on the cooking list – a four-clover leaf, acorns, or seashells. It would depend on where you plan to do your hike.

Next, bring along some snacks or their desired treats. You can make some homemade granola mix for them or bring along a pack of fresh berries. Something more vibrant would do the trick.

Another tip would be to purchase some hiking gear for them. It would make their experience happier if you gear them up in hiking clothes designed for children. It doesn’t have to be the most practical. You can buy something of their choosing – like a neon pink camo jacket or something with fun prints on them.

Lastly, limit your hike to their tolerance. What you don’t want to hear is the constant repetition of the phrase “I want to go home”. Try to keep it fun, converse with them and involve them in the little things.

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