Think about where the whole weight of your body would fall on if you walk. That’s right on your feet. Your feet would be bringing you to places and it is important that you protect them.

As the most essential hiking gear, it is important that you invest in a good pair of boots. But what should you look for?

The first thing to consider would be a proper fit. A size too big would let your feet run up and down inside. A size too small would bunch up your toes inside and your feet will be more prone to chaffing. Ill-fitting boots would make your feet more prone to blisters. That’s the last thing anyone would want during a hike or a walk.

Before anything else, think about the type of terrain you’ll be walking on. This will determine what type of boots you need to buy. If you plan on hiking through a flatland or a forest, a lightweight or waterproof pair would do the job. On rocky terrains, purchase or choose something a little sturdier or a pair of sturdy leather boots. During winter, opt for something warmer.  In warm seasons, choose breathable and lighter boots.

Next, you should try on your boots while wearing socks. Wearing tough boots without socks can be a little harmful to your toes. Before you go out, try to walk around using your boots for a whole day. If it proves too painful to even for less than an hour, you might want to replace them.

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