Several years ago, travelers used regular maps to navigate places which they are not familiar with. Today, we can see that technology has taken over with the invention of the GPS system that helps travelers in looking for specific directions in a particular place. The technology has also been incorporated in cars and in smartphones through web hosting sites and mobile applications to help travelers during their journey.

If you are a traveler who likes to explore and navigate different places through walking, then this article is for you. The lists below are the best and highly recommended free map websites and apps to use when traveling on foot.

Google Maps

Google features the most detailed and accurate road maps that are available online. This is because of the company’s biggest project to map out the public roads all over the world. Google maps can be accessed through their website or downloading a mobile application. The Google map also allows you to plan and recalibrate a direction in real time while giving a voice direction during your journey.

Apple Maps

This is an app that is already installed in all iOS phones and was launched in 2012. Since it launched, the app has made significant changes and improvements to its interface. Among its major changes include the app’s connection to the iPhone’s popular assistant Siri for step-by-step guided directions. Apple maps offer the best designs and feature just like any other Apple products.


Aside from the regular features of an online mapping tool, Waze also integrates a social element for its already established application. The application is already one of the most established directional apps before it was purchased by Google last 2013. Among its special features includes alerts from other drivers about traffic situation, police, and construction speed traps on your direction. Waze also allows you to connect your Spotify account to play your favorite music while driving.

AAA Driving Directions

This is the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) version of a TripTik travel planner application that can be accessed online for free. The application also allows you to make a hard copy of your direction same as the previous TripTik maps. This online service also allows you to select a scenic route which will allow you to enjoy the journey while going to your place of destination. The only downside of this online free service is its feature of asking a zip code before it will allow you to access its service online.


This free online web mapping service has been on the web since 1996 but has been outperformed by its more popular competitors such as Apple and Google maps through the years. It has received a lot of complaints with regards to the accuracy of its directions. However, it also contains nice features, including the assessment of traffic conditions and estimated fuel costs based on current fuel prices.


Looking for the right direction while traveling on foot will be so easy with the use of the free map websites and apps that are recommended above. All the applications and website can help travelers in navigating a particular place on foot, so give them a try.

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