Nowadays, texting or sending SMS authentication a big part of our lives. While we go enjoying an active life outside, it could not be denied that we formed a kind of bad habit which is using our mobile phones while walking, driving, or even running. For most of us, it is a normal thing to do.

However, several pedestrian incidents happen due to this unstoppable activity. It has been causing many filed reports for showing this kind of occurrences. Plus, tripping has become more often due to sending SMS, posting a tweet, or sending an email while walking on the streets.

It seems like this habit is not getting enough serious attention from pedestrians, that’s why bad and terrible results happen. Indeed, it has been a struggle for everyone.

What’s the Solution?

Fortunately, several solutions were created to ease our struggle in walking while using mobile phones. Some application developers came up with ideas on how to prevent incidents from happening.

Mobile apps are now being developed to give the users an easy and safe active life outside while using their mobile phones.

That said, here are some mobile apps which you can use to send SMS while walking:

Type n Walk

This app is available on the App Store. Its developer claims that it’s designed for a smarter and safer way of typing while walking. It automatically switches on the camera to display what is directly in front of the user. It is like a clear viewport for users to see the road while texting or typing.

Email n Walk

The same with Type n Walk, this app can be downloaded on the App Store. This application facilitates sending emails while the user is walking. This also activates the camera to show what is in front of the user as well as the parts of the email.


This application helps users send SMS and update their social media profiles while walking. It is considered to be more advanced due to a number of actions which you can do.

Text Vision

Similar to the mentioned apps, Text Vision features the same thing. It switches on your phone’s camera which can be used to see what is in front of you while texting.

Road SMS

This app is an essential application for Android users. Using the camera, you can see the road while texting. It can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Walk n Write

This is another Android app that can be used by users who love walking on streets while texting. It’s no doubt one of the essential apps for such activity.


Together with these apps, you can expect a more convenient active life outside while sending SMS. Hopefully, these apps will also prevent pedestrian accidents that were caused by using a mobile phone while doing something on the streets.

Nonetheless, it’s still important that you pay close attention to your surroundings. Try to limit your time on the phone as you walk on the streets, and only use it whenever it’s necessary.

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