Taking a stroll is one of the simplest ways to maintain fitness and a great way to have some peace of mind to strategize on your goals. It is also a great way to relieve yourself of stress. You can walk in any place whether it is around town or in a park or through a woodland. On internet product review blogs are likely the same.

However, it is important that you consider your safety when choosing a route to follow. There are evil people in this world who take advantage of vulnerable individuals in abandoned roads or paths to satisfy their sadistic missions.

Depending on the area you reside in, try to find a safe route before embarking on your stroll. In a similar way to how you research a product by finding online product reviews, you can find a safe walking route using a similar method.

Here are a few tips that can help you identify a safe route to follow for your morning jog or walk.

Overall Scene

Many prefer to enjoy walking in green spaces such as parks, woodlands, and watersides such as along rivers or lakes. The green surrounding and the fresh air makes a walk feel more satisfying. Walking in green spaces is believed to have some positive effects on our health.

As much as the natural scene brings fulfilment, the deserted green spaces are hunting grounds for muggers, sexual predators, and even kidnappers. Avoid areas such as deserted woodlands that are known to harbor criminals. Stick to areas that are not deserted but not congested either. Look for recommendations online or from friends that know the safest walking routes.


The terrain of a walking route is also an important factor to consider. Terrain variation makes sure you challenge yourself throughout the walk. A route with a mixture of flat levels, steep slopes, and gentle hills has much more fitness benefits than a flat leveled route. With safety in mind, remember to stick to a non-deserted terrain. You should also avoid terrain that put yourself at risk of injuries such as hilly paths with falling or slippery rocks.

Ground Surface

When choosing a walking route, it is advisable to consider the surface you will be walking on. Poor ground surfaces are known to cause injuries among walkers and joggers. A poor surface can also lead to long-term problems such as joint problems. If you are looking to challenge yourself on some turf ground surface, make sure that you wear the right shoes suited for the particular surface.

Resting Places and Water Stops

If you are not planning to carry a water bottle, select a route that has water stops. Dehydration is a serious problem when exercising. It is good for your health to stay hydrated when taking a walk. The safest route should also have some shaded resting places, especially if it is during the hot seasons.  Resting helps you to relax your muscles, thus recovering you some energy before continuing with your walk.

To add on to the above tips, choose a route that is not congested with traffic especially from cars, wear bright clothes or reflectors especially if your walking at night, and use sidewalks if it is possible. You can also inform a friend or family member about the route you are planning to follow. Stay fit but stay safe always.

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