Going on a hike brings a handful of advantages; it allows you to relax, bond with friends, and revisit nature. However, when you are finally on the spot, you are bound to experience a few distasteful experiences. Thus, packing all the things like Vaporizers that will come in handy amid your journey is extremely important.

If you want to take your hiking experience to the next level, you should definitely consider bringing CBD oil along with you.

What is CBD and is it Legal?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a substance derived from the hemp plant. Using CBD is considered legal in all the 50 states of America as long as its THC content is not more than 0.3%.

CBD is not an addictive substance and will not cause hallucination to the person taking it. Many have been taking it as a treatment for various clinical conditions including insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Unlike other manufactured drugs, CBD doesn’t have any serious aftereffects. Improper use may only lead to drowsiness or an upset stomach. You can purchase CBD in the forms of oil, tablets, tinctures, pomades, or isolates.

Benefits of CBD for Hikers

Hiking is an extremely fun and exciting experience; however, long hikes can also be quite challenging. On the other hand, you have probably already heard that a lot of hikers are now turning to CBD. It might be a good idea to test it out yourself by bringing it with you on your next hike. Moreover, here is a rundown of all the perks CBD has to give throughout your hiking journey.

Boosts Energy

Taking CBD helps boost your respiratory functions and improve circulation; in return, your stamina and endurance are improved as well. Additionally, taking CBD also helps protect your brain in case of low oxygen levels, which can often happen if you are hiking in high altitude.

If you have a pollen allergy, you know having an attack during a hike can be a huge detriment to your energy. The good news is that CBD can help reduce inflammation caused by allergies or asthma. Lastly, caffeine-containing CBD tinctures are now available, which you can also use to give you an extra boost of energy during long hikes.

Reduces Pain

Accidents are inevitable during hikes. In case you hurt yourself, you know very well there’s no hospital near you and the only immediate help you can get is from your co-hikers. Therefore, always have your first-aid kit packed and bring CBD along as it can immensely help with pain management.

According to a study, CBD can affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS); the system which influences the way people experience pain. Additionally, because CBD helps reduce inflammation, pain becomes more manageable.

Calms the Mind

When you’ve been feeling tired due to the long hiking journey, there’s a high chance you’ll feel mentally exhausted too. This is where CBD comes in handy the most; it will not only boost your physical energy, but it will also help calm your mind, which is what you definitely need to keep going.


Many hikers consider CBD as a life-saver due to the excellent advantages it can give throughout their hikes. Therefore, CBD oil, tinctures, tablets, and all other sorts are not only created to help treat various medical conditions, but it also works wonders on recreational activities like hiking.

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