Planning for a vacation or business trip can be fun and exciting. However, the fun stops when you don’t know how to get from the airport to your      destination. Booking a Berlin airport transfers will make your travel less stressful, and you will certainly have more time to enjoy your trip.

What are Airport Transfers?

Airport transfers are pre-scheduled transportation services provided to travellers from the airport to the prearranged destination like the hotel or cruise port. While it is possible to book airport transfer services on arrival at the destination, most passengers prefer to make their booking in advance in order to prevent the hassle once they have arrived.

Airport Transfers in Europe can be pre-booked through a travel agent, tour operator or booking service. What’s more, there are airport transfer services that use tour operator software in order to more conveniently manage their bookings. Passengers may also be provided with a return service from their destination to the airport.

What are Private Airport Transfers?

One way to avoid the long taxi queues at the airport is by pre-booking a private car. Private airport transfers take care of your transportation even before you arrive at the destination airport. Usually, you will be met with drivers holding cards with your name waiting to transfer you from the airport to your final destination.

One of the reasons why travellers prefer this service is because it offers convenience. The ultimate benefit of pre-booked transport is that you won’t need to lug your oversized suitcase as you look for transportation.

Also, most drivers’ monitor their passengers’ flight in order to ensure that they arrive at the airport in time. This also helps them to adjust the times if there are delays. So whether you pre-booked the airport transfer service months in advance, you can be assured of a reliable transport.

On the downside     , private transfers can be expensive. However, they can be cost-     effective if you are splitting the price with your travel companions.

Shared Airport Transfers

Another type of Airport Transfers in Europe is the shared airport transfers. Unlike private transfers, shared airport transfers can be booked by many parties and this makes them significantly cheaper. Shared airport transfers are a perfect choice for those who want convenient transportation other than taxis at an even more affordable rate. The other difference is that they operate on a regular schedule unlike private transfers which operate at any time of the day.

Most airports in major cities offer this service      and it includes shuttle buses and vans. For this type of airport transfer, the tour operators book the service for passengers who arrive at the airport at a particular      time. This shared airport transfer service may offer door-to-door service and drop each guest at their hotel.

However, there are shared airport transfers that don’t offer door-to-door service. Instead, travellers are dropped to a central place within the destination.

Hotel Shuttles

This is another type of airport transfer offered by hotels that are located near airports. The hotels provide free transfer services to passengers from the airport. Hotel shuttles usually operate on a regular schedule like shared airport transfers. The schedule may range from 15-     minute      to 1-     hour intervals or longer. Therefore, before you book the private or shared airport transfer, you might want to inquire whether your hotel of choice provides free shuttles for guests.


Make your travelling less stressful by booking an airport transfer, whether private airport transfers, shared airport transfers, or hotel shuttles. Make sure that you book the transfers ahead of time to reduce the stress once you arrive at the airport, and always pick the option suited to your preferences and budget.

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