Studies performed by escooterireland reveal that as much as 67% of mountaineers suffer from ankle or knee problems.  These problems come about as mountaineers come down the hill, and their ankles and knees have to bear their entire body weight.

In line with this study, a Dutch Company In November 2012 came up with a modern lightweight scooter.  Unlike other scooters in the market, this one is foldable into a rucksack, thus convenient for mountain climbers who can use the scooter to glide down after a long climb.


The Dutch company named the scooter “Bergmonch” – Mountain Monk in English. Christian Wassermann and Thomas Kaiser were the designers behind Bergmonch. The product is a combination of a scooter and a rucksack. Thus, one can use it when standing or in a kneeling position. It offers flexibility since one can assemble it in two minutes.

The Mountain Monk is ideal for use on mountain tracks, and ordinary paths. It has the ability to cover extensive distances easily, as per the manufacturer.

During the time of launching, manufacturers attested to the convenience of the scooter. They claimed that the Bergmonch had wheels of different sizes, for better handling, and increased safety. It’s lightweight at 1200 pounds which makes it easy to carry while climbing.

The reason behind the scooter invention

The Dutch Company brought the product in the market, hoping to encourage groups of young hikers and climbers. They aimed to bring about a product that would be easy to climb with and safe enough to wheel downhill.

KOGA, the manufacturers, hoped to add flavor into Alpine tourism through the Bergmonch. It is much safer and a more sustainable mode of travel, which reduces the over-reliance on toboggan and railways, which are commonly used to transport mountain bikes.

What makes the Bergmonch stand out

Unlike other scooters, the Mountain Monk

  • Converts to a scooter from a rucksack, which is an ultimate show of simplicity and functionality. In three steps, you are ready to use it. Besides, you do not need any tools for assembly or disassembly.
  • Its Shimano hydraulic brakes are highly effective, adding to its safety. Gliding downhill needs the best traction and brakes to avoid injuries and instances of sliding.
  • It has an ergonomic design that ensures the hiker or mountaineer remains comfortable and unharmed with the rucksack on their back. Also, it offers additional storage space, as much as 25 liters. It even has attachment points strategically placed for helmets and walking poles.
  • It serves as a cushioned kneeler when down hilling.
  • It has a telescopic mainframe, and its rear suspension provides 80mm travel. Its air suspension is adjustable according to the rider’s weight.


Bergmonch is the downhill scooter from Koga, a Dutch company. It was invented to spice up Alpine sports and tourism. It is lightweight with an ergonomic design. Thus, it is easy for climbers to rucksack it and carry it with them up the mountain. Its supreme brakes make it safe when gliding down. When doing downhill, you can kneel or stand on the scooter.

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