“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing,” says the mantra of some pro hikers. The experts say, you won’t need special clothing if you are only into simple trails. Just wear whatever it is you’re comfortable with and just start your hiking journey. However, as you go on and wanting to have more complex trails, which may be comfortable for you would be unsafe.

Here are some gears you may consider wearing for your safe hiking adventure:

Breathable shirt

When we say a breathable shirt, of course, we are referring to unfitted type of clothing. The most ideal top is the one that is breathable and moisture-wicking. If you want to protect yourself from the sun, long sleeves are good clothing for hiking, too. Just make sure to choose a long sleeve that will let you breathe and would not make you more sweaty.

Consequently, if you like to wear a tank top, that would be fine too! The downside of this though is that it may be itchy and uncomfortable since you would carry a backpack on your shoulders. However, there are a lot of tank tops that are breathable, stretchable, and dries easily. Make sure to find those.

Long sleeve as a layer

Long sleeves may be necessary to protect you from the sudden changes in the weather. It would not only cover you from the colds but on sunny days as well. It is good to bring them because it is lightweight and easy to pack. If you don’t feel like wearing them you can just wrap it around your waist, or put it in your backpack.

Insulated Jacket

Insulated Jacket is for emergency purposes – just in case you get to hike during the cold or rainy season. Make sure though to choose an insulated jacket that is packable and lightweight. This can be a good layer, too, to your hiking shirt or tee.

Shorts, Pants, or Tights

For your bottoms, anything will do – may it be shorts, pants, or tights. What you only need to consider here is the type of trail you’re going to hike. If it’s a rocky and spiky trail, thin tights or yoga pants are not ideal. Whereas, if you have to encounter tall grasses during the trail, long pants or tights are advised. Hence, you have to be wise and careful in choosing your bottoms for your hike.


You can wear any type of socks but not cotton ones. Cotton socks absorb sweat and may cause blisters. You would not want to have blisters during the hike, right? Thus, stay away from cotton socks for a more comfortable trek.


This is optional, but hats are considered as protective gear in hiking. It would make you dry in winter, it would keep you away from the sun in summer, and it covers your head during the rainy season. This is indeed as essential as your hiking shoes.


Hiking is fun and it is a lot more fun if you make it comfortable and safe. And how do you make yourself comfortable and safe? The key is the type of clothing you wear. From playing baseball to taking on hiking, note that looking good and fashionable is only a bonus, your comfort shall always be the priority. Now that you know the things you have to wear on your hike, may you enjoy and cherish your time under the sun.

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