Hiking is a very common and enjoyable exercise that people enjoy doing. It involves activities these for example vigorous walk on trails or footpaths in the countryside. It is an activity that normally involves moderate difficulty, especially a lot of walking.

Hiking plays a role in keeping you fit by:

  • Lowering the risk of getting heart disease
  • Improving your body balance
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Improving blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Increasing bone strength

Before you go hiking, it is important to do some preparation first to help keep you fit. They’re as follows:

Create a Workout Plan and Track Progress

A work plan will help you prepare yourself before the big hike ahead. You have to decide on how many times you will be training per week. Maximize on walking since hiking involves walking for over long distances.

You can print your workout plan and hang it where you can see it every day. You can also add a little motivation that encourages you to cover your work out.

Do Weight Lifting

By lifting weights, you are preparing your muscles for the long-distance hike and other strenuous exercises that would be involved during hiking. Weight lifting strengthens the upper part of the body and also legs.

Do Knee and Hip Strengthening

It’s common for a knee to let you down during hiking. Therefore, you’ll have to practice endurance to prepare for long-distance hiking. Muscles around the knee should be strengthened. It’s because stronger muscles around the knee make it easy for joints and ligaments to work properly for a long time.

Swim in a Pool

This is considered one of the best ways to prepare for a strenuous hiking process. You can have a good swimming instructor to guide you to swimming. Swimming brings exercise to all of your muscles. It also helps bring you in shape so you can endure long-distance walking during hiking.


Cycling will help you walk through the woods as it can help build your stamina. You can practice by going on long bicycle rides with a series of short uphill bursts. Cycling builds muscles for endurance during the strenuous hiking process.

Proper Diet

For effective hiking, you need to eat a well-balanced diet for at least a month before the real hike begins. Since hiking needs a lot of energy, a balanced diet will play a major role here.

Prepare Proper Hiking Gear

For successful hiking, you need to have proper hiking gear. They include:

  • Walking boots – Make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Trekking poles – Used to provide support.
  • Trekking bags – Used for carrying hiking essentials.

Other gear to bring include your rain gear, waterproof socks, cap, headlight, and a pocket knife.

Strong Mindset

Every hiker should be prepared mentally as mental preparedness can determine the hike’s success. Your mind should be set to ensure endurance, adherence, and discipline.


Hiking involves having enough balance, strength, patience, and endurance. Therefore, you need to train yourself before setting off for the hike.

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