Get out of your comfort zone and venture in the outdoors. Simply take the time from your hectic schedule to explore the vast English soil. Whether you walk through the busy yet majestic city of London or through the scenic and refreshing British countryside, it’s still a win-win situation. Just put on the footwear that’s most comfortable for you for long walks and start the experience.

A hike through the lovely countryside could relax your mind and let you breathe clean, fresh air. By simply taking an afternoon stroll, you are already performing a type of exercise. This gets your brain to release all the happy hormones. Also, it makes you relish in the experience with a happy outlook. However, if you prefer a more bracing hike than a simple stroll, learn more about the necessary gears and tips to make your outdoor experience a great one.

Equip Yourself with The Proper Gear

Having all the proper gear makes all the differences not only for safety but also for your comfort. Simply wearing a proper pair of footwear and a cosy outfit can ultimately change your experience for the better.

Let’s start with shoes. Sturdy and durable hiking boots can be pricey, but they’re a great investment. A good pair will keep your feet comfortable while enduring different kinds of terrains.

Prep your shoes with toe protectors, skid-proof soles, or heel cushions should you venture out on rocky terrain. Remember, if you haven’t worn in your new pair of boots, wear thick and soft socks. The last thing you would want while hiking is some painful foot blisters.

However, if you’re simply having a stroll on concrete pavement, soft grass or sandy shores, you can choose any footwear that you like.

If you’re planning to walk somewhere chilly, equip yourself with a warm coat. Also, since Britain can get quite rainy, bring a light, foldable umbrella or you can even use a regular one as a walking stick.


Bring Along Some Good Company

Taking a walk alone can be relaxing. However, if you don’t want to venture the outdoors alone, take someone with you. May it be a good friend, family member or a loved one. Someone who will also enjoy the outdoor experience. The last thing you want is to bring someone who will complain all throughout the hike.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Your Mobile

We all know that smartphones are great for navigation. But it would make the hike or stroll less enjoyable. Also, some navigation apps need data or signal in order to function. There might be some spots in the British countryside where the signal is lacking. Try to bring some actual maps with you in case you’re venturing on unknown territory.

Head Out the Door

After all that has been cleared up, it’s now time to head out of your home. Explore the outdoors and observe the environment. Remember, as you walk, “leave no trace” of your hike. Or in other words, avoid dirtying the environment you just passed by. Protect it and keep it clean as one would treat their home.