Ever since its’ establishment, Britain on Foot has been of great help when it comes to encouraging people to live an active life. Outdoor activities are now a big part of most families that reside in Britain. Thanks to the Outdoor Industries Association which spearheaded the campaign, outdoor activities are being implemented on both the public and political agendas.

This UK outdoor sector has been partnering with various businesses in order to accomplish our programme. Not only that, but we successfully encourage the government in lending us a hand. From drafting bills to funding projects involving sports, tourism, and health. Britain on Foot has influenced government project called ‘Towards an Active Nation’. It is proof that outdoor activities are part of the UK’s policymaking.

Now, Britain on Foot is working on a campaign dedicated to getting people to participate in outdoor activities. So what are you waiting for?

Read more about the details on our website and you might become the next Britain on Foot supporter.