If you opt to walk in an unfamiliar route from your usual ones, you should try the countryside. What better way to enjoy your walk than on a lush, green scenery or a chilly waterside? Here are three ways in which you can plan your route:

Choose Your Map Wisely

Where do you want to go? Is it on the urban side of Britain or in the countryside? If you do decide to walk through a long distance, use a detailed map. Don’t use the ones for driving. Look for a map with footpaths on them. This way, you won’t get more confused as you navigate through your route.

Plan Your Route and Length of Walk

You need to plan your route based on your own physical and mental capability. If you’re with a group, consider their needs too. Asses what your body can handle. The start point should be your home or a carpark. From there, measure the distance you plan to reach. Next, consider the length of time you will use while walking.

Lastly, when you plan the distance of your walk, consider your speed as well. Don’t set very high standards; you’ll tire out eventually. Unless you plan on training for a marathon, then you can set strict pacing.

Ensure Your Safety

You should always prioritize your safety during your planned hikes or strolls. Try to walk in a well-lighted area, or you could do it during the daytime. A safe route would be paramount in planning your walks.

Check for danger points such as steep terrains, harsh weathers or even those with train tracks. Don’t disregard your safety or your group’s during these walks. It would be great to experience the outdoors without acquiring any injuries.